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About Us

Welcome to our ‘About Us’ section. It’s hard to keep this section so small when it has to be about ‘us’. ‘We’ are a bunch of stories, stories of people that have been to hell and back, people that had lost hope in their dreams, had lost hope in finding a way out of the mess that we had as ‘life’, and were just tired of everything and everyone.

‘We’ (the YPG) found friends when all of ours abandoned us, we found a Father when our parents gave up on us, and we found Life when we thought ours wasn’t worth living anymore.

With the direction of God, there were men and women who showed us the Way. And just like when you find something that you like, enjoy, or love so much you HAVE to talk about it, we have the intense desire to share what we found with everyone else!

We are youths who found happiness and love in God. We have fun and most importantly have peace. And this was only possible when we met our Creator. If you want to see if what we’re saying is true, come see about us.