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YPG Connection: The War

The War Since the day we took our first breathe we unconsciously entered a war that would have to be fought until the end. Not a physical war but a spiritual one. A war that consists  of problems, fears, negative thoughts, unexpected events, tragedy, and the list goes on. A battle fought in the shadows. This war takes place in ...

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Life Story of Lolany Jaramillo

The Lolany Jaramillo that is today is not the same as before. Thanks to my addiction to pornography I began to exclude myself from all my loved ones. Just to feed my addiction I began to miss out on birthday parties and family dinners. I would make any excuse just to be alone. I was always scared that someone was ...

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YPG Connection: Without Limits

2 Corinthians 6:12 “We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us.” One of the main enemies that we as human beings have are our emotions. Many of us have experienced being told negative comments from a loved one, a friend, or maybe even a stranger. Others have also gone through situations in which ...

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Who’s World is This

Who's world is this

Molly Bawn once said that “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder”. Well, Molly sure must’ve been one confident woman! If she said that in the 1800’s, imagine how crazy such a phrase sticks to many of us today. For instance, many times in school, we see people who have this self-assurance radiating off of them, and we think ...

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Today YPG New York goes to school and presented to The Horace Greeley Middle School IS 10 in the borough of Queens to about 300 students. YPG spoke about their projects and what they do in society, working in favor of the youths. The sports and drama groups spiked a lot the interest within the youth. We had Manuel, a ...

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YPG goest to school, YPG members in California took some time off to visit Los Angeles High School of the Arts to reach out high schoolers interested in sports, dance, media or community events. Coordinators Joel and Pablo along with several others dedicated members spoke about the importance of a youth’s choices for his/her lifestyle. The book, “Shoulda Been Dead” ...

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The Clown Event – YPG Florida

YPG Florida – The Clown Event – 10/29/16 Youth Power Group (YPG) Florida sponsored “The Clown Event” on October 29th 2016, where youth had a chance to find their true selves and understand what God is in their lives. The main focus of the event is to give an opportunity to youth to change their lives through God. Coordinator Jordan Santos ...

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