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Conexión Joven YPG

Hello guys, have you heard about our new YPG show on Ch. 22.2 and Facebook Live at 9pm Monday through Friday?  It is called YPG Connection and it is a show that cover various topics that most youth identify with and/or would like to have more knowledge of. Topics varies from family, bullying, self-harm, drugs, and etc. YPG Connection program is invested in helping youth ...

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Afraid to fail

afraid to fail

Before I walked with God I was afraid to fail. I was afraid to try new things because of my active anxiety; what if people saw and mocked me? Doubt would settle into my mind, and I would ultimately give up. With a mindset like this you stop yourself from experiencing the wonderful things God has placed before you. I ...

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Victoria’s Life Story

Victoria Lopez's Life Story

Everything Victoria tried just made it worse, My name is Victoria Lopez, I used to suffer with major depression. I started taking pills when I was 12, and at age 13 I began drinking alcohol in and out of school; I started cutting myself and began having bad anorexia/bulimia habits that only increased because I was so depressed. By 16 ...

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Culture Night – Dancing


Did you know that Dancing is an art and a way for people to express emotions, through performances? Dance is an integral part of the live and recorded performing arts and cultural industries. It is often collaborative and provides work opportunities for artists working in a range of other art forms including music, design, film, sculpture and theatre. In addition, dancers and choreographers ...

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Do you truly believe?


A person becomes what he or she wants to be when he believes in himself (herself). When this is so, the person does not give up on any difficulty; on the contrary, the person sees no barriers. The only thing you can see is what is on the other side of the barriers. It all begins when you believe. There ...

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