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Fast Food vs Meal Prep

“It’s what I eat and what I do“ People these days have a rushed life so they don’t have time to prepare food, which in return leads to an unhealthy eating lifestyle. We don’t have time to cook at home so we get a habit of eating out without realizing we’re not eating properly. What stops you from eating healthy? ...

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Resolutions For Exercising


It’s a new month for new opportunities & a new start! We have a great topic for you guys today! Can you my friends guess what it may be? Yes Correct! How to keep fit! By staying fit and healthy you are not only going to look better, but you’re also going to feel better. I will be bringing you some ...

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Energy Prep

Fruits & Oats

We Are Back!! Hello Everyone I know its been a while but don’t worry we will be consistent. We’re bringing you today some interesting tips that have been benefiting us on a daily. There are days (for many its everyday) where we are rushed to get out the door to get to work , school or etc. Some of us ...

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Foundation – Makeup 101!

Girl holding small mirror with makeup in front of her. Makeup - Foundation 101!

Hello everyone and welcome to Makeup 101! Today I wanted to share a few tips to make sure you pick out the right foundation. Now, I may not be an expert (yet that is) but I have learned a few things about picking out the best foundation, and came up with Makeup 101! Time Taking the time to read the ...

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A little step goes a LONG way!

alt= Various fruits inside of a basket

  Dear Reader, Step two on the nutritional trip we are taking. Controlling our portions (I’m not going to lie, its SUPER difficult) I’n currently in this process, the good thing about this that we are together how to be healthier. So, portion controlling my nutritionist                             ...

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The Key to Everything?

alt= Chart showing benefits of water, which include weight loss, improved mood, etc.

Dear Reader, I have a top secret weapon that will help you during your journey to healthiness (this would also be for those that want to lose those extra pounds). I’m currently already using it, and now you can too! Let me tell you, its amazing, it does Miracles! My top Secret Weapon is. Wait for it. Water! That’s right ...

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Trying for a better you!

alt=Woman smiling while exercising with fruits next to her

  Dear reader, I would like to introduce myself, but unfortunately we have decided to keep my information a secret, I personal think it’s fun this way! So, let us skip the introduction and go straight to the facts, some interesting things you should know about me, I’m 23, i used to be overweight, now I’m currently in between (I ...

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We are bringing you this week a DIY Detox Water! This detox water is for rehydration and weight loss! This detox water is very helpful and delicious at the same time. You can make this everyday to your liking and you will be obsessed! Strawberries are packed full of vitamin C, naturally increasing your metabolism. They are also a natural ...

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Strawberry & Banana Smoothie – Personal Care

This week we bring you another tip, this time a delicious one; a smoothie! You should definitely try this smoothie if you don’t want something heavy for breakfast but you still want to be filled with energy. Keep in mind that this smoothie isn’t necessarily for breakfast, you can make this right after a workout, when your going to work, ...

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DIY Acne Mask – Personal Care

As temples of the Holy Spirit we always aspire to look and feel our best. But, If you’re one of the 80% of people who at some point break out or have broken out, then this article is for you! This week we will be teaching you how to make a DIY Acne Face Mask to treat Acne and also ...

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