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Real-Life Stories

Life Story of Lolany Jaramillo

The Lolany Jaramillo that is today is not the same as before. Thanks to my addiction to pornography I began to exclude myself from all my loved ones. Just to feed my addiction I began to miss out on birthday parties and family dinners. I would make any excuse just to be alone. I was always scared that someone was ...

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Life Story of Adamaris Vargas

life story of ademarais vargas

Before coming to the YPG, I was a very depressed person, I had a lot of anxiety, complexes, bad eyes, hatred, and anger inside of my heart. I had a very strong character, I was very rebellious with my parents, very aggressive; I had anger problems. I would lie to my parents and go out with boys at night, because ...

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Life story of Abraham Chox

YPG - Abraham Chox Life Story

My life was completely destroyed! I had depression and tried to take my life by throwing myself in front of cars, but something stopped me.. In my house there was misery, sometimes we did not have enough to eat. Apart from this, I was very aggressive and was always fighting with my family. Although I was aggressive, my self-esteem was ...

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