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Culture Night – Dancing


Did you know that Dancing is an art and a way for people to express emotions, through performances? Dance is an integral part of the live and recorded performing arts and cultural industries. It is often collaborative and provides work opportunities for artists working in a range of other art forms including music, design, film, sculpture and theatre. In addition, dancers and choreographers ...

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Life Story of Justin Ortega

Life Story of Justin Ortega

My Life Story of the Past! My name is Justin Ortega, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Anaheim California. While growing up, I didn’t get attention from my family and this led me to look for “attention” outside of my home. I wanted attention from girls and friends and I began to do drugs. I was addicted to cocaine, marijuana, ...

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You’re Not Alone Event – San Diego County

Alone Event

You Are Not Alone Event, San Diego County, CA Youth from cities across San Diego county came together to participate of the You Are Not Alone event this weekend. Youth wore their event shirt under the same mission. A sea of red flowed throughout the entire room. An afternoon of exciting activities was about to occur. However, most importantly, youth ...

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You’re Not Alone Event

You're Not Alone Event: Group of youth posing before going to perform

California YPG CONNECTION: YOU’RE NOT ALONE The YOU’RE NOT ALONE Event was an amazing experience. As the days came closer and closer to the event, a lot of the dancers got butterflies in their stomachs, their nerves were getting to them, but the sweat that was left in that dance floor was worth every drop. Red Block takes the stage ...

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YPG Event Preparation

Youth Power Group Selfie while in preparation

A Month of Preparation! As the Youth Group undergoes preparation for the big event they go through many hours and days of practice. Along with practice, they go out to invite more youth to come and see the performances that they have been planning, brainstorming and preparing a month before. The plan is to give something more than just a simple ...

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You’re Not Alone Event: Practice

Youth dance practice

Always Giving our Best! In today’s Practice the youth got together and prayed for God’s guidance before they started any planning and dancing. For when the youth place Him in first place everything will be more than perfect. The youth got together and started coming up with ideas about their upcoming event and figured out what and how everyone would be dancing. ...

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Are You Free?

You Can Be Free Event, California, Are you Free?

“Who here thinks they’re free?” That was the question asked in the event “You Can be Free” on May 20th. As Coordinator Paul asked this question, a few youths raised their hands. While we all thought coordinator Paul was going give a motivational speech when he said, “Who here thinks they’re free,” out of nowhere someone in the audience, someone ...

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