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YPG Hangout | In His altar, I am Strong

“Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James   4:7   There are 2 things we need to do in order to be in God’s altar   1st Obey God 2nd Stand against the devil   We are not forced to obey God; however, if we want Him to be in our life, we ...

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Love Anxiety


Have you ever been caught in a group of friends where all they talk about is love? Have you ever experienced a moment where it seems like everyone is concerned about if you’re dating someone? Well, I think we all have experienced a moment like that or at least something similar to that. But that’s not all. With all those ...

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Afraid to fail

afraid to fail

Before I walked with God I was afraid to fail. I was afraid to try new things because of my active anxiety; what if people saw and mocked me? Doubt would settle into my mind, and I would ultimately give up. With a mindset like this you stop yourself from experiencing the wonderful things God has placed before you. I ...

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Like Clay


When I was younger I would love to spend my time playing with Play-Doh. I was able to mold it, and pretty much create anything I wanted. The cool thing about Play-Doh is that as long as a person can manipulate it, they can constantly change their creation. They’re able to start all over again, or make what they’ve already ...

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The Obstacle On The Road

the obstacle in the road

A long time ago, a king placed a large rock blocking a road. He then hid to see if anyone would remove the tremendous rock. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants came through the road, but simply avoided the rock and went around it. Many of them simply blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none of ...

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Do you truly believe?


A person becomes what he or she wants to be when he believes in himself (herself). When this is so, the person does not give up on any difficulty; on the contrary, the person sees no barriers. The only thing you can see is what is on the other side of the barriers. It all begins when you believe. There ...

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Are You Prepared?


Preparation Makes the Difference! For example, during a hurricane or a natural disaster; preparation is crucial, to the point that it could be the difference between life or death. A boxer or a UFC fighter spends months, and sometimes even a whole year training and preparing themselves for one fight. Athletes in general spend years training and in preparing themselves ...

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The Shine Within You

As I grew older, I became more curious which led me more to dangerous situations. I can endlessly tell you a whole list of times I almost died. Every single time I survived every incident, I would think “Why am I still here, alive, in one piece?” With this question always on my mind, I would think about it mostly ...

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Priorities are a part of our daily lives, we all have different priorities on a daily basis. Some have more priorities than others, but just like everybody I also have priorities the only difference is I had a slight problem. I would leave everything for later. I started noticing that the sentence “I’ll do it later” was becoming more used ...

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Do you really want it?

want it

How many times have you said that you wanted something? (Everybody can raise their hand here) But, the real question is how many times were you bothered by what you wanted to the point where that was all you could think about? How many times did you believe in yourself and fought for what you wanted until you received it? ...

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