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Fast Food vs Meal Prep

“It’s what I eat and what I do“ People these days have a rushed life so they don’t have time to prepare food, which in return leads to an unhealthy eating lifestyle. We don’t have time to cook at home so we get a habit of eating out without realizing we’re not eating properly. What stops you from eating healthy? ...

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North West California – Held Hostage

Teenagers together with YPG banner on Held Hostage Event.

YPG Youth Connection “The Hostage” How many times have you heard about people who have been held hostage in robberies or kidnappings? What the hostages want above all in that moment while under the enemy’s power is to live and later become free. Held Hostage Many youth are being hostages too; that is by addictions, depression, self harm, sicknesses, unemployment, ...

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