San Diego, the city that hosted the April YPG event in southern California. It was Saturday April 1st and the YPG headed south to take part of this terrific event that would prompt many transformations in the individuals who assisted. As the time approached for the event to begin, we became increasingly excited. 6PM arrived and it was time to begin. Did I mention we had special friends come over? Well yes, we did and we were pretty happy.

We began the event with a prayer. We placed our hands on our heart and we consciously looked for His direction for our lives. When we finished we began stimulation of our bodies and minds. What better way to do this than by dancing. Not only that but we had the privilege of having live music. We danced for quite a while but we really did not mind. When you are having fun, time really does not exist. It was an amazing sight. Smiling and laughing youth, especially youth that were their for the first time was priceless.

We then proceeded to the commercial presentations. The commercials that each church block presented was a message against suicide prevention. The first commercial portrayed how suicide can come about. In this case it was cyber bullying which has is very common in the states, but we at the YPG are making a stance against it. The second commercial depicted the life transformation of a YPG member who had suicidal thoughts. He overcame this by being part of the YPG. Two amazing commercials but only one could win. The win for the commercial went to : the green block.

Next, time for some competitions. Time to test our upper arm strength by competing in arm wrestling. First to go was the guys. In a matter of seconds the competition became very ardent. However turquoise block put an end to the game by taking the win. Next, the girls had a chance to challenge their strength. Neither one wanted to loose, but final result was: turquoise block took the win. Then another game was played, the human tic tack toe game. We played many rounds of this but we eventually had to end the game. All though for a good occasion. We then had the opportunity to watch a dance presented by our friends from LA. Their dance performance was fabulously executed.

Now it was time for one of the most important moments of the event. The message that was delivered, spoke about the seed. A seed must die before it could give fruit. It is the same with our lives. We must die to this world. What must die to the bad habits, the negative friends, the negative thoughts, the desires of the heart, anything that pulls you away from God. Our old self must die and a new one must be born. But to do this we have to make a decision to leave everything behind once and for all. One cannot receive anything in their hands if they have their hands full. It’s the same with receiving a new life, we cannot receive this new life if the old life is still in our hands. We have to put the old life down in order to receive the new life. After this message was delivered we had to opportunity to decide if we wanted to leave it all behind and receive this new life. Youth walked to the front and made their personal prayer. Many we believe made this decision to die for this world.

Unfortunately it was time for things to come to an end. However we could not leave without first announcing the winners of the competition. Here it goes: by a difference of only two thousand points, the green block took the win! Nevertheless, it was a victory for both blocks because youth left the event transformed.

P.S I leave you this verse for meditation: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”(John 12:24) ESV

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