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Do you truly believe?

A person becomes what he or she wants to be when he believes in himself (herself). When this is so, the person does not give up on any difficulty; on the contrary, the person sees no barriers. The only thing you can see is what is on the other side of the barriers. It all begins when you believe.

There is no denying that it can get difficult on the way. The truth is that this is not another motivational message to cheer you up. Obstacles will come that only if you believe in yourself you’ll be able to overcome them. When you are forced to go down that road of difficulties, that is when you will find out if you truly believe. On this road, you’ll mostly hear from all sides: “You’re not going to make it!!” or “You’re not able to!” You will either hear this in a direct or indirect way. You will probably hear this from a close relative, a friend, somebody you know, and etc. We are not saying that your best friend since third grade wants to see you fail. But, sometimes they will say it because they really do not want to see you fail.  Although it seems innocent, if you believe in that statement, then all you will hear is: “You’re not able to!!”

Now, forgetting what others say, let’s talk about you. What do you say to yourself? Maybe you have many people around you supporting you, but the only thing you can say is, “I’m not be able to.” You grab the pencil to draw but you stop and say: “I’m not capable.” You go to look at the house of your dreams but you say: “I’m not capable of having this.” You want to be happy but you end up remembering that: “You can’t!!”

Stop saying “I CAN NOT” because with that attitude you will not get anywhere, with that attitude you truly cannot be what you want to “BE.” Remember, It all starts inside of you. Begin to write it down, draw it, shout it: “YES I CAN DO IT.”

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