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Like Clay

When I was younger I would love to spend my time playing with Play-Doh. I was able
to mold it, and pretty much create anything I wanted. The cool thing about
Play-Doh is that as long as a person can manipulate it, they can constantly change
their creation. They’re able to start all over again, or make what they’ve already
created even better.

There comes a moment though where if we stop molding the Play-Doh, or leave it as
it is, it begins to harden and before we even notice we are unable to mold it or
create something new with it. Spiritually speaking, we are like this Play-Doh. The
Bible describes us as clay in God’s hands.

If we allow ourselves to be molded by Him, He will smooth out our imperfections,
heal our wounds, take away all the things that stop us from moving forward. Most of
all, if we remain soft, and not Harden ourselves when we make a mistake, He’ll be there to
reshape us and rebuild our strength.

This only happens if we remain soft; by soft I mean humble. God can only work in us
if we admit that we need Him. If we acknowledge that we aren’t perfect, and never
will be. Although we are not perfect, it doesn’t mean that we can’t better ourselves
day by day. This is where God comes in. He molds us into His perfect creation. As
long as we remain soft, like clay.

But how can God mold us if we become hard like dry clay? The only thing that
happens to clay once it becomes hard is that it shatters. Because once our hearts
become hard, dry, and like a rock, God cannot work in us. So be like clay.

“House of Israel, can I not treat you as this potter treats his clay?”—this is the LORD’s
declaration. “ just like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, house of
Israel. – Jeremiah 18:6

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