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Do you really want it?

How many times have you said that you wanted something? (Everybody can raise their hand here) But, the real question is how many times were you bothered by what you wanted to the point where that was all you could think about? How many times did you believe in yourself and fought for what you wanted until you received it?
Sometimes when we want something, it just turns into a wish or a dream that never becomes true. Everyone wants to have an abundant life, to have opportunities to do things and to be successful. We want to have cars, houses, a family, money, peace, happiness, to travel, to wear the best clothes, to be famous, to be recognized, to be respected by people and etc. We want everything, we want it all! But, do we believe that we can achieve and receive the things that we want?
Sometimes we want it, and we wish that certain circumstances will get us to what we want.
But, when you believe, you don’t need to just wish for it to happen, you just simply go for it because you already know that it’s yours, you already believe that you could have it.
According to the dictionary, the definition of believing is to have confidence or faith.
When you are confident, you know exactly what you’re doing to get what you want and you know that you will get it. Believing is what keeps you going forward and it is what motivates you to do amazing things in life. For example, those people that are famous today, that are millionaires, billionaires and owners of companies or businesses, all of them one day started by simply believing, and that simple faith or belief became a success story. That faith and belief they had, motivated them to do amazing things and to be where they are today. They didn’t just believe in the things they wanted, but they first believed that they were capable of doing everything that they did. Believe in yourself, because you are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to. Just focus, believe, and work for your dreams. Stop wishing, start believing and doing what you have to do, to be where you want to be!

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