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Have You Tasted
Have You Tasted the Difference?

Have You Tasted?

Have You Tasted the difference?

I had just finished a double shift and I was finally going home to rest. As I was getting ready to leave the bakery, I started to pack my bag with my clothes and my bible, and one of my co-workers who had seen me with my bible asked me why I go to church so much. She said, “I just don’t get it, I respect it but God doesn’t exist!

It’s just hard to think that there is a supernatural being that created everything in the blink of an eye!” I laughed and said “That’s crazy right?!” As we were talking about our beliefs, she asked how was I able to keep my faith so strong, I replied, “Simple. I know to Who and where my eyes need to be fixed on, so I don’t change my views, my morals for anything. One of the problems we see society has today is that too many people are unsure of what/who they are, and confused as to what they should believe in. Where they want to throw out the old, because the old for some reason doesn’t apply anymore. But we go through so much in this life that if we were to just put some of what God says into practice we’d see a difference”.

With all the talking I got a bit hungry (don’t judge me), so I grabbed a new cupcake that came in that day, boy was it really good! I knew she had never tried it before, so I asked “How does this cupcake taste? Was it sweet, was it bad?”

To which she replied, “I have no idea, I haven’t tasted it yet”.

That’s when I said, “Exactly, you haven’t tried my God yet”.

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– New York

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