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A red heart in a red field with a blue cloudy sky.

He Loved Me and He Saw Me

Inside of home, where it was hell.

Where hate surrounded, very well.

I lost myself in desperate need

to feel loved and be seen.

I ran to friends I ran to love.

From bed to bed I was always found.

Began to feel the same things

oh how could this be?

I lost myself in desperate need

to be loved and be seen.


Got over him, got over next,

got introduced to the best.

Guaranteed love and fun,

now I know I don’t have to run.

Buzzing here, drinking there

love and brew I found everywhere.

I could be crazy, I could be wild,

but nothing inside, was there to be found.

I lost myself in desperate need,

to be loved and be seen.

Staying strong, for the ones I love.

I took it all to feel long gone.

I felt the need to be that string,

but deep inside there’s only suffering.

I can not break I must stay strong

was what I thought all day long.

I couldn’t think but to be gone.

By the time the sun hit dawn

with friends and guys waiting

My problems kept fading.

Got over him got over next,

I was introduced to the best!


He promised, he promised peace

he promised everything a prince could be.

Away from home where it was hell

I met a guy, I lived so well.

He came and took all I could be

by pushing, shoving and insulting me.

All hope was done, I needed help.

Where was that girl with dreams and strings?

She cried for help in her own way,

drinking and rolling up away.

I cannot break, I must stay strong

was all I thought all day long.

A nightmare became real life one night

When someone thought it was alright,

to take advantage of a gone mind.

Her body naked, her conscious gone.

There was nothing more that could go wrong.

I lost myself in desperate need

to fill the gap inside of me.

I went straight home late that night

searching for myself left and right.

No brew could help, no club could heal.

Under the influence behind the wheel.

Dumb thoughts came to mind that only seemed right:

That this lonely world without my life would be alright.


From cutting my veins, to sleeping forever

was all that I wished more than ever.

One time, two times three times more

nothing was helping anymore.

A mental hospital to an emergency room,

I wish just someone could have understood.

I lost myself in desperate need

to be loved and be seen.


My day was set, this was the one.

My life would end for everyone.

Nothing in me, I wanted to be free

but, God Almighty had plans for me.

He took a strange girl up to me.

She showed me things I’d never seen.

I followed her, to this great place

where every sadness was replaced.

I found the love, I found the peace

that only he gives when down on your knees.

Accepting his need, accepting his love

I knew nothing could go wrong.

In need of his spirit in need of his love

I seek for nothing but the above.


I once was lost but now I’m found

and with my feet well on ground

The smile on my face, no one can replace

for no one can take the love he gave

The peace I found no where on this planet

I find only when He is around.

He promised love, He promised peace,

well He is God Almighty that opens up seas!


He made me new and

He can do this for you too.

Obey His words

and, everything works.

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