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Noemi Gatica Life Story
Noemi Gatica

Life Story of Noemi Gatica

Noemi’s Life Story

My life story starts like so many others, I was born and raised going to church, but unfortunately left when I was 14. I still did not know God and I was empty inside. At that age I was already filled with a lot of anger and hate against everyone for no reason. I wanted everyone to die, especially my parents. I was also a rebellious youth and very rude to everyone. I soon started wanting to fill that emptiness I had with friends.

I started smoking marijuana as well. I would also be at parties every weekend hanging out with the wrong crowd doing things that were not right. I also started to become a very anxious person. I would get these “attacks” where I couldn’t be in a place for a long time. I felt dizzy and like I couldn’t breath and I just wanted to get out of certain places and just scream and cry. I started to hear voices especially when I got those attacks. I was never in peace. By then I had stopped going to church and would go some Sundays to just please my parents.

I then became very depressed and could not sleep at night. All I would do is cry and cry every night, because I didn’t know what to do with my life and I thought I had no reason to live, no purpose in this world. I thought I was worthless. I knew the things I was doing were not right, but I did not have the strength to change. I was destroyed inside and no one knew.

I lived my life like this for 2 years. My freshmen and sophomore year of High School. I then had to hit my low point for me to realize that I needed to give my life to God. I was hit by a car one day. I knew it was for me to have died but God saved me.I went back to church when I was 16. So those 2 years away were the worst years of my life.

When I got back, I had to be humble and open my heart to God, because at that point he was the only one that was going to be able to help me. I had to go through my process of deliverance. I was filled with many demons and spirits that had tormented me all those years. I left everything and everyone that didn’t benefit me behind, and I decided to give my life completely to God. After my deliverance came my true encounter with God.

After that I fought hard to receive his Spirit and really know Him. I am now a completely different person filled with the Holy Spirit. I am not empty anymore. I am now completely happy. Filled with a happiness that cannot be explained. My heart is now filled with love, not hate or anger. I don’t have depression or anxiety anymore. I have peace inside me. I found my worth in Jesus. And most importantly I know now that I have a reason to live and a purpose. Check out our Facebook here!

Noemi Gatica,                                                                             Escondido, California

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