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Love Anxiety

Have you ever been caught in a group of friends where all they talk about is love?

Have you ever experienced a moment where it seems like everyone is concerned about if you’re dating someone?

Well, I think we all have experienced a moment like that or at least something similar to that. But that’s not all. With all those thoughts and questions maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking about your love life. You’ve began to think about how time is passing by and how you have yet to find the one. Maybe you’ve thought about how a previous relationship ended and all the “what if’s” pop up. All these memories and thoughts have began to go through your head that you’ve ended up catching yourself falling into what I like to call:

“Love Anxiety”

Love anxiety is one of the worst things we can encounter. It is that moment where you begin to become so desperate to have someone by your side. You begin to have a sense of loneliness and think it’s because you are still single. But, be careful because letting those thoughts sink in can cause you to make decisions that you will most likely regret afterwards.

Honestly, being single isn’t a bad thing like many make it seem. Being single is a privilege. It is your moment where you can spend more time with God. It is a time where your relationship with Him creates such a strong foundation. It’s a time for preparation.

You can’t enter into a relationship that you aren’t ready for. Furthermore with anxiety because your decisions will be based on emotions. I haven’t heard of any decisions anyone has made based on emotion that has had a great outcome. Take that singleness and make the best of it. Do things that you usually won’t do. Explore new places, make new friends, or even learn how to do something new. I always tell myself, if I keep my mind busy I won’t have time to think about other things that aren’t necessary. So, if you see yourself in “Love anxiety” stop and think to yourself what has caused you to fall into that?

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