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On His Altar I am Strong

What’s the secret to becoming strong?

We’re not talking physical strength, we’re talking about spiritual strength!

The secret is having a commitment with God! Giving your life on the altar.

But how can we say “I have a commitment with God,” if we act a certain way outside of church. How can we say “I love my God,” but not talk about him at all? How can we blame God for not helping us with our problems, if we are not giving  Him 100%

Is it fair not to be committed to God and yet want something in return from Him?

Also, how can we say, “we trust in God” yet when a problem comes, we forget about God and start worrying about that problem.

What happens when you don’t commit with God? When you lose faith?

You get defeated by your problems, because you’re not trusting in God. You get embarrassed to talk about God when you’re with friends. You act different around family, around friends, and  acquaintances. In the end, you get defeated again by your problems.

So what are you going do about it?

Keep acting the way you are or giving your life to God and having a commitment with Him 100%. Do you want to be unhappy and defeated? Or be full of faith and be strong with God.

It’s your choice!

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