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Priorities are a part of our daily lives, we all have different priorities on a daily basis. Some have more priorities than others, but just like everybody I also have priorities the only difference is I had a slight problem. I would leave everything for later. I started noticing that the sentence “I’ll do it later” was becoming more used in my conversations. In spanish it was “ahorita voy” or “despues lo hago”. I began to see that I wouldn’t prioritize certain things. My room was a mess, my due dates were way past due, and appointments I had scheduled with people where always rescheduled for later. The earliest I would sleep would be at 12:00 A.M., and the latest 2 or 3 A.M. DAILY. It started affecting my life at home, work, school and most importantly my spiritual life. I would make so many excuses on why I couldn’t do certain things or why I would turn in assignments late. The trust that people had with me was slowly decaying. If people didn’t trust me with a simple task, and were not confident enough to let me help with certain things, imagine God. Little by little responsibilities were taken away from me, but it wasn’t God who was taking them away, it was me. I was giving away my responsibilities and my blessing by the character I was showing and the lack of interest I portrayed. I noticed something was wrong when I began to read the bible less and when men and women of God began to ask if I was okay, or if there was something going on. Every time I was asked that question my response was the same, I’m fine. When in reality I wasn’t. This went on for months.  Until one Wednesday, God strongly spoke to me. I sacrificed the pride that was blinding me, the pride that wasn’t letting me realize or see that I wasn’t well. So what I did is I went to the place of sacrifice, The Altar! I remember I cried with such agony and for the first time in months my prayer was sincere. You see, something so small like leaving things for later became something so dangerous for my spiritual life. So why leave things later when we can do them now? Set your priorities straight before it’s too late & learn from your mistakes. I did. Remember, don’t leave it for later.

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