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Rivera After Transformation

Juan Rivera’s Life Story

Rivera before Transformation

In the Beginning Rivera,

My name is Juan Rivera, and at the young age of 15 I started drinking. I was around a lot of bad influences that led me to that life. I felt like something had taken over me and I was out of control. It got to the point that I would even drink at school. One time I was so drunk at school that I ended getting caught and my mom found out. I was also getting into fights at school. At the age of 18, my addictions worsened. I started to hang out with gang-affiliated people and was always at parties. I began to smoke cigarettes and started to do worse drugs. I hit a low point when I was at a party one night and a shooting occurred. I had to go to the hospital and there was no “friend” around me to be found. I was left all alone. During all this, I felt depressed inside. I thought there was no point in living anymore.

After finding a family within the YPG,

Rivera After Transformation
When I found the YPG, I learned there was something else for me in life. I left my addictions. I stopped hanging around those bad people that only influenced me negatively, and I began to surround myself with positive people. Today I am a completely different person and now I am able to help other people that go through the same things I did. Join me and others just like yourself here at our YPG in San Bernardino, or your local town. Check out our Facebook here to stay updated with all news and events!

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