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the obstacle in the road

The Obstacle On The Road

A long time ago, a king placed a large rock blocking a road. He then hid to see if anyone would remove the tremendous rock. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants came through the road, but simply avoided the rock and went around it. Many of them simply blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything to get the big rock out of the way. A peasant then came down the road carrying a load of vegetables. As he was approaching the rock, he put his vegetables on the floor and attempted to move the rock out of the way. After struggling for a while, he was successful in removing it. As he picked up his vegetables, he noticed a wallet was laying on the floor, right where the rock had been placed. The wallet contained many gold coins and a note from the king stating that the gold coins were for the person who would successfully remove the large rock from the road. The peasant at that time learned something that all the others didn’t understand. Each obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one’s condition.

In today’s age we want everything easy and fast due to today’s technology. Technology has shown us that we can have everything with a single click. As times change, we change with it, we get many useful tools that help us tremendously in our day to day lives. But, with those changes there are some things that instead of helping us, tend to make us lazy. We want everything the easy way, we no longer want to fight for what we want or need, we want results quick and easy. Days, weeks, months and even years pass by and nothing changes in our lives, nothing improves. That is because we are living accommodated with our lives. There’s always an alternative and an easy way out for situations that arise and we decide to just put those obstacles to the side. Yet, when obstacles arise we have the power and capabilities to overcome them.

There are opportunities every day in our lives. We must give our best everyday and if we encounter a difficult situation, we must move forward with wisdom and intelligence to overcome such situations. Let’s change the way we see things, lets look at things from another point of view, even when they may seem negative, we must see them with eyes of positivity and you will see that everything has a solution. Even when everything seems lost in a situation, theres always a positive outcome in everything.

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