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Why not saying and doing
Do Today for Tomorrow!

Why Not Saying and Doing?


Growing up, we see people doing and saying things and then we see others who don’t do things and don’t say certain things.

But what about us?

What have we done or said throughout our lives? Or not done and not said through our lives?

Hmmmmmm…. think about it…

Have we lost out on something really good because of not speaking up or doing something, or how about because of saying too much or doing the unnecessary? Or have we gained something that brought regret because what we did or said? Or didn’t do or say?

It’s a lot of “saying” and “doing” in this article, but is that where things could change?! In how things are being done and said and how they are not being said and done?

How to change the Cycle?

I’m going to tell that what you’ve done and said doesn’t matter and only a small part, if anything at all, does; but the most important thing that matters is for you to look at today! Yes! What can you say or do from today on… Or what can you stop saying or stop doing from today on that will change things!

Not just change, because if you think of it, change has been happening since we were so young to when we started making our own decisions. But I’m talking of the “say and do” or “don’t say and don’t do” that will actually change things for you to live a happier, successful, and beneficial future?

It’s your decision.

Yes you, it’s time to think about you. Independently, so later we can be thankful about every “today” that we had!! Do we make mistakes… of course! But can we correct and push for the best that we can do…of course! Why not? So let’s make today what we want out of all the tomorrows to come.

*Keep tomorrow in mind by taking care of today.

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