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YPG Connection: Without Limits

2 Corinthians 6:12
“We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us.”

One of the main enemies that we as human beings have are our emotions. Many of us have experienced being told negative comments from a loved one, a friend, or maybe even a stranger. Others have also gone through situations in which they have suffered and been victims of bullying. Though, depending on who we are, if we don’t know how to handle our emotions, then they will eventually cause us to limit ourselves. A lot of us have allowed those words full of negativity to affect us so greatly that we become stunt and unable to move on with our lives. The negative words and bullying have caused us to be so afraid to keep moving forward that we remain prisoners to our emotions.

The days will pass and we’ll even try to set ourselves some goals, but we’ll quickly start to lose focus. Before we know it, we realize we haven’t accomplished anything. Then that’s when the sadness, the depression, and the frustration come in and we end up back in square one. Limited by our emotions. We feel as if we aren’t good enough, like we’ll never succeed in life. If we keep allowing these emotions to get the best of us we will continue to struggle daily. This is something that we have to learn to overcome. We have to understand that the only way we can get through this is with God’s help. Opening up our hearts and placing all our doubts and fears in HIs hands is the first step to getting rid of these limits that constantly tie us down.

Dear reader, know that if you are currently facing something similar to this, you are not alone. The YPG is here to help you get through this. Together with God’s help and the support of the YPG you’ll finally break free from the bondages of your emotions and be able to move forward with your life with no limits. At last, happiness, peace, success, etc. only the beautiful beginning of what lies ahead.

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