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who is thirsty

YPG Fast of Daniel – Day 20 Who is thirsty?

Who is thirsty?

… Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of Living Water.” John 7.37-38

When the Lord said, If anyone thirsts”, He was not trying to fish for more disciples from among that joyful crowd. No! A thousand times, no!

The thirst He was referring to was a privilege for only a few.

The thirsty invited by the Lord are simple people, hand-picked by the Holy Spirit.

Those who thirst, even if they still live in sin, are called by God to have their thirst quenched. Now, if the thirsty sinner is called to drink, imagine those who are already delivered from sin, are clean and in the faith of the Fast of Daniel!

However, for a sinner to drink of the Water, he must confess his sins, abandon them and surrender to the Lord Jesus.

But those who were already rescued from hell, and do not live in sin, can charge Jesus for the promised Water. That’s right! They can charge Him whenever they want and their thirst will be quenched.

After all, the Water is only for the thirsty. The same applies to “He who believes…”

Those who were touched by the Holy Spirit believe, just as those who were touched by Him to thirst.

Those who thirst or those who believe were already called by God, but will only drink from the Source when they decide to go to Him.

Jesus invites the thirsty and those who believe.

The Holy Spirit provides the thirst and the faith.

It is up to the thirsty to “dig until he finds” the Water, and to those who believe to “dig until he finds” the vein of the River of Water of Life that runs under his feet.

God does not do magic to transform lives, but He gives spiritual vision and physical conditions to materialize His Promises.

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