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The wonders of true faith

YPG Fast of Daniel – Day 21 The wonders of true faith

The Wonders of True Faith

Those who insist on FEELING to BELIEVE will die not believing.

Faith is certainty; it is a personal conviction. Those who have faith obey the Word of God and wait.

They do not lament, they do not complain and, above all, they do not reveal their concerns to others.

Every time we ask God for something, according to His will, and at the same time confess our failures, it’s as if we do not believe. Worse: it’s as if we believed more in the power of Evil than in the Power of God.

An act of Faith does not try to provoke others to raise feelings of regret.

The Fast of Daniel is an act of pure faith. Whoever submits to this Fast is already manifesting their faith!

Instead of demonstrating any concern or fear of others, why not speak to God? This is faith!

Face evil thoughts, doubts and fears with the same faith you have used to sacrifice during this Fast.

Doubt the doubts!

Those who are sacrificing have the right to charge God for the fulfillment of His promises. This is FAITH!

Has anyone obtained anything from God by manifesting self-pity? I doubt it.

Let everyone know: The Fast of Daniel is just the “beginning of the well digging”.

If anyone complains while digging, he will never find the Water of Life!

“…the just shall live by his faith. Habakkuk 2.4”

This is: those who are doing the Fast, whether they accept it or not, are already in the Faith. They have already begun to dig. After all, who would start digging if he did not think he would find Water?

The Eternal God said:

“…the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, my soul has no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10.38”

To draw back means to return. And the complaints prove the person’s desire to give up. And the devil likes this very much.

Without complaints, blah blah blahs or anything of sorts.

Get used to using words of FAITH. And, if you really like to complain, lament or become revolted, do this to the same One that promised:

“I am with you always… Matthew 28.20”

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