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Conexión Joven YPG

Hello guys, have you heard about our new YPG show on Ch. 22.2 and Facebook Live at 9pm Monday through Friday?  It is called YPG Connection and it is a show that cover various topics that most youth identify with and/or would like to have more knowledge of. Topics varies from family, bullying, self-harm, drugs, and etc. YPG Connection program is invested in helping youth find true happiness and to lead them to a path of transformation from the life of suffering and internal emptiness. Our strong testimonial cases of our YPG members help many viewers understand that they are not alone, there is a way to change their current life situation and to get to know a God that has the power to change their lives!!! In addition to topics, we have daily updates of our projects, event and HangOuts to keep our viewers informed. We invite you, our reader, to not miss out, watch our show and to see what the YPG has to offer to all youth.

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