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YPG Through Dance!

What is YPG Dance?

After the word was giving to the youth’s on the day of the vigil we had a dance battle, quickly we saw various talented youth’s that got to the dance floor and started doing the worm, while others did robotic types of style moves. Something that not many youth are brave enough to do because, they are too shy or just haven’t found that in themselves yet, but that is why here in the YPG all we need from you is your dancing shoes and you showing up to practice wanting to learn something new and before you know it with a blink of an eye and hard work you will be learning many things you didn’t think you were capable of doing.

Dance, a Project to find You!

Dance is a group where we all put our talents and unknown talented people to work together as a family and come up with a great performance that will blow peoples minds away. No one is left aside; everyone as a part to do. We give that excitement to the youth, something to be wowed by and be part of. There’s many dance styles from Ballet to hip-hop. So if you ask us how we were found, many would say by dance, others, they found God by the performance that was done. God will search for you and find a way to get to you. It is under this same goal that every YPG branch works towards.

How will Your Journey Start?

Your happiness brings us happiness and that’s part of what we do here in many of our projects and Events. So how about it, tell us you life story by dancing it away. Stop hiding from God, and cry out to God so he can find you. Come to, or come back to the YPG you are greatly missed. God wants to do amazing things in your life. Check out our Facebook Here!

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