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One of the greatest things we can do as people, is ask questions. Questions allow us to learn, open our minds, and even eliminate doubts. How can we ever be sure of what we’re doing if we have doubts? How can we ever progress in life when we’re unsure of what we’re doing?

With YPG Answers, our goal is to clear up all doubts, and answer your questions. For example, “Can a person receive the Holy Spirit while asleep?” Let me answer this question with a few questions of my own. Can you eat while asleep? Are you able to make important decisions while asleep? Of course not! The same goes with the Holy Spirit. Let me explain.
In order for us to receive the Holy Spirit we need to make a conscious decision that we actually want Him in our lives. We need to seek Him with all of our strength, know exactly what it is we’re saying, and surrender ourselves completely to Him. I doubt that someone who’s asleep, unconscious, is able to do all of these things and be successful in receiving the Holy Spirit. So don’t allow yourself to be tricked by a “convincing dream” you may have had, or some kind of “strong emotion” you felt while sleeping. Remember, God does not work in this way anymore! He speaks to us while we’re awake and when we actually know and understand what is going on! Not when we’re fast asleep in “la la land.”

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