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Angelica’s Life Story

Angelica’s Life… Before YPG!

My name is Angelica and I was an extremely depressed person. I lived a sad and lonely life. I had feelings inside of me that no one understood. I really did not have any friends because I was too shy to be myself. I thought that everyone was better than me and that there was nothing special about me. I was very insecure about myself and believed that no one liked me.

How did this Affected Angelica?

With all these thoughts and emotions, the sadness inside me grew day by day. I had suicidal thoughts due to all the problems that were going on in my life. At the age of 13, I attempted suicide for the first time. I was going to throw myself in front of a car but a person stopped me. My next suicidal attempt was when I tried to overdose with pills but my parents stopped me in time. In my mind I believed that if I died it would not make a difference in anyone’s life.

Angelica’s Life… After YPG!

Since I started participating of the YPG, there has been a great change inside of me. The sadness and suicidal thoughts went away.  I received a new perspective of life. I developed dreams and goals that were never there before. I developed interests and found many hobbies that I enjoy doing. I have made true friends that have supported me on this journey. I found a purpose for my life and I await the future because I know it’s going to be very bright.

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