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Life Story of Karen Sanchez

Life Story of Karen Sanchez

Before coming to YPG I was a very empty person, in my house there was always fighting
between my parents, my dad was an alcoholic, so he would never be home. I didn’t have that love at home, because my parents were too busy with their problems. Because of that I felt lonely and very sad with the situation at my house. I had depression, but I would fake that everything was okay since at school I was one of the “popular kids”. So, how was I going to demonstrate sadness? That was my thought back then, I would show that I was the happiest person. I would dress in provocative ways to call men’s attention, since at home I didn’t receive that. I lost all my dignity, I was so desperate, each time I wanted to show more of my body, because getting guys attention, supposedly made me “feel better” but it would only last for a moment because when I was alone the emptiness and sadness would come back.

Life Story of Karen Sanchez

Until I joined the YPG I learned the true value of myself, I learned that I didn’t have to show my body in order to get someones attention, and the most important thing I learned is that my happiness didn’t depend on someone. Now I am a very happy girl, my happiness doesn’t depend on a guy. I never thought I could be happy without having someone by my side. I learned to value my body, to respect it. Now I have peace and true happiness, the sadness and depression dissapeared the moment my interior was transformed.

-Karen Sanchez, 19 years old, Tucson, Arizona

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