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You Can Be Free Event, California, Are you Free?
You Can Be Free Event, California, Are you Free?

Are You Free?

“Who here thinks they’re free?”

That was the question asked in the event “You Can be Free” on May 20th. As Coordinator Paul asked this question, a few youths raised their hands. While we all thought coordinator Paul was going give a motivational speech when he said, “Who here thinks they’re free,” out of nowhere someone in the audience, someone shouts,

Coordinator Paul (left), Youth Claiming He was Free (right)

Coordinator Paul (left), Youth Claiming He was Free (right)


It was a youth with signs that said addiction, bad influence, sentimental life, and bullying all over his shirt, as well as chains around his ankles. Coordinator Paul said,  “Are you sure?” While looking at the youth, he said, “Free looking like that?” The youth replied, “Yes I am free.”

At that moment the YPG performance began. Coordinator Paul started asking the youth what was on his shirt and why it said addiction, bad influence, sentimental life, and bullying. The youth’s response was “I don’t have any addiction, my friends are not a bad influence, I’m over that breakup, and no one can mess with me.” Each time Coordinator Paul pointed out a problem, and the youth said he was fine, the problems showed up. For example, for addition, two drug dealers came up to him and showed him drugs that he supposedly was not addicted to. For Bad influence, two gangsters came up to him and told him, “You better show up tonight or else,” threatening him with a gun.  For sentimental life, his ex, passed by and he went up to her to ask for her number thinking he would have a second chance, but finds out she already had another boyfriend.  For the last one, bullying, a bunch of guys, even his so called friend, started making fun of him and pushed him on the floor.

Each of the “problems” placed a chain around him to show that he wasn’t free. When he was on the ground and felt like he couldn’t handle this life anymore, Coordinator Paul said to him, “If you’re OK, take the chains off,” and the youth responded, “I can’t, I tried many times before, but I just can’t.” Then coordinator Paul talked to the audience and said, “When I asked who here thinks they’re free, many here had these chains around them, not physically, and they keep telling themselves they’re free. You’re here today to find out how to break free from these chains of addiction, in your sentimental life, bad influences, bullying, depression, suicide, etc.  But if you keep telling yourself, ‘I’m fine,’ and you don’t ask for help, who’s loss is it? Yours.”

This play caught many youth’s attention. This event showed us how to be free, have hope and let go of our problems. It was an unforgettable night. So the question is, are you free? Not sure? Then go to our nearest YPG branch, and you can be free as well. Check out our Facebook here, if you need guidance, help or just a friendly word.

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