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life story of ademarais vargas

Life Story of Adamaris Vargas

Before coming to the YPG, I was a very depressed person, I had a lot of anxiety, complexes, bad eyes, hatred, and anger inside of my heart. I had a very strong character, I was very rebellious with my parents, very aggressive; I had anger problems. I would lie to my parents and go out with boys at night, because I really liked the attention.

I would think I was happy, but in reality I had a big void inside of me! That is when I was invited to participate in the YPG. I started participating in the YPG connections and events and the YPG in reality helped me transform my life! I no longer have depression, anxiety, complexes, bad eyes or hate. I am no longer rebellious with my parents, I no longer go out with boys at night , my character completely changed! That emptiness within me does not exist anymore! YPG projects helped me find true happiness, peace and love.

Joining the YPG was indeed worth it!

life story of ademarais vargas

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