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Youth dance practice
YPG Dance Practice

You’re Not Alone Event: Practice

Always Giving our Best!

In today’s Practice the youth got together and prayed for God’s guidance before they started any planning and dancing. For when the youth place Him in first place everything will be more than perfect. The youth got together and started coming up with ideas about their upcoming event and figured out what and how everyone would be dancing. They were given the task to prepare choreography for the Oldies music. Starting from the 80’s all the way back to the 20’s. As they started practice they got the first song down, they all got in pairs and searched up any dances to get inspired of.  They decided in the beginning of their opening to be funny and upbeat just like back then. They made sure their face expressions went with the rhythm of the music; After a few times of redoing the choreography they finally got it all together.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Tired and sweaty but they were happy they had accomplished the FIRST song “Four more to go their coordinator said.“ They decided to do 5 different times era’s to dance to. With that being said, their main dance and outfit’s would be the 20’s, knowing that everyone most likely would choose the 80’s and the 50’s to dress up to.  They wanted to be different and stand out, to give a different feel to their audience and leave them wanting to join in as they performed. The goal of dance is to not only learn new dances but to reach out to the youth that have not found their talent yet, and maybe with a little beat and drums they find themselves moving to the rhythm too. “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.(Psalm 149:3).  Well see you soon! Check out our Facebook page in the meantime here!

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