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You're Not Alone Event: Group of youth posing before going to perform
Ready for War!

You’re Not Alone Event


The YOU’RE NOT ALONE Event was an amazing experience. As the days came closer and closer to the event, a lot of the dancers got butterflies in their stomachs, their nerves were getting to them, but the sweat that was left in that dance floor was worth every drop.

Red Block takes the stage with a blast from the past!

Ready for a Challenge!

Red block from Los Angeles YPG came to the stage to perform the oldies music kicking it off with the 20’s Charleston dance – That Swing Bühne. The boys started dancing, something that they never danced before, yes they were very nervous indeed but at the same time very anxious while performing it and seeing how everything turned out at the end.

 Down Memory Lane…

Then they took it to the 40’s, and 50’s; oh boy the 50’s, who doesn’t like the 50’s dance. Everyone enjoyed dancing to this song, it was upbeat and fun. The steps were a bit faster then the other choreographers, they had done before but they enjoyed jumping around to Johnny B Goode . When they heard the thriller song everyone screamed, because come on who does not love a good old M.J. song. That was the final dance.The camera in their faces and everyone’s eyes were all on them and they knew this was a all or nothing situation, so they zombied their way out to the crowd and finished with a pose.

Black Block takes Over!

Black Block on the stage!

Next up was Black Block from N.Y YPG. They took the Big Win for this event, here the Coordinator Erwin explains of how it all went down for their crew. “Black block wasn’t able to perform the last minute of the dance. Something went wrong with the Audio system. Pastor gave us the opportunity to present again but it happened again. At that moment we were all upset because we had practiced and placed our best into this performance. While the judges were discussing on who was going to take the win, we were all thinking that we would get last place because of the mistake. Then when we least expected it, they announced us as the winners; we were all shocked and surprised.

Youth, Friends, Family!


They said that even though we weren’t able to perform the last minute, we were able to show that we were giving our best. Each movement was well presented. And that we made a giant difference then the other groups.” So there you have it from oldies to upbeat rhythms music, YPG has it all. Check out our Facebook page here. We have great information, and messages to help you throughout your day!

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