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YPG Band performing outside YPG Connection Lost Sheep
YPG Band performing outside.

YPG Connection: Lost Sheep

In Search of Lost Sheep

From end to end, youth in California participated of the YPG connection: Lost Sheep, at their local YPG branch. It was going to be an amazing afternoon in company of great friends. It was not going to be their regular afternoon. Youth would learn a worthwhile lesson about their lives. Not only that, but they would participate in many great activities.


Teenagers praying to bless the start of their event. Lost Sheep

Teenagers praying to bless the start of their event.

The Beginning of a great afternoon!

Youth closed their eyes to make the first prayer and the YPG officially began. Once we finished, the music came on and we automatically began to clap and dance. Let’s see, what group was the most motivated? Grins were seen everywhere, and mouths moved in accordance with the lyrics. We encouraged new youth to join us; It was one of the happiest moments. Then a huge dance circle was created. Each youth had to dance inside. One by one, we went. Gulp! We overcame our shyness. Nothing to fear, we are all family here. For the next game, we formed a line and each had an opportunity at making a ping pong ball into a set of cups. It can be difficult but definitely possible. Lastly we put our knowledge to the test by participating in a series of bible questions. We searched the deepest part of our mind to answer many of the questions. On some we searched and searched and nothing. Its okay though, we learn as we go along.


Friends bringing the best out in each other in the event Lost Sheep.

Friends bringing the best out in each other.

For how long will you HIDE?

This weeks YPG connection topic was: In search of Lost sheep. To God, you are of great value. He does not accept to see you lost. He will search for you and find a way to get to you. It is under this same goal that every YPG branch works towards. Your happiness is our happiness and your pain is our pain. Let yourself be found. Stop hiding from God, and cry out to God so he can find you. Come to, or come back to the YPG; you can be sure you are greatly missed. God wants to do amazing things in your life. Doubtful?

“And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’” Luke 15:6 Check out our Facebook page here, for a word of guidance, laughter, and faith. Have a great day!

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