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Youth Power Group Selfie while in preparation
Youth Power Group Selfie

YPG Event Preparation

A Month of Preparation!

As the Youth Group undergoes preparation for the big event they go through many hours and days of practice. Along with practice, they go out to invite more youth to come and see the performances that they have been planning, brainstorming and preparing a month before. The plan is to give something more than just a simple dance but something that will impact the youth’s life, something they have never seen and felt before. That something is the joy of dancing in this case, the dancing talent that was hidden and buried before they came here, is now out and alive and can’t wait to be shown off for others to see.


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We have here pictures of older performances and day’s of practices. Though yes there’s many girls, it is why they also put that talent to the maximum test, to do different things, to dance to a new rhythm and they found it harder to what they were use to dancing or of their knowledge but something that they knew in their heart, that it was NOT IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish.  There was many moments where many of them did think about backing out, because they got frustrated with themselves but there was always a word of hope that was passed down to them that picked them right back up and gave them new strength and build up their confidence. They are a set of teens that come together to bring out the best of what others may think their best is all they can offer to the world of dancing, but they know that with a little bit of faith and a whole lot of determination they can accomplish more then what they can imagine. Few of them came from just dancing as babies, you know that little up and down hop and the little twist in the hips “laugh out loud”, other’s hid their talent because they didn’t have someone to encourage them to go for their dreams. Now here they are out of those baby diapers into the big world showing of more then just a little twist. Check our Facebook page here for more information near you!

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