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YPG Volleyball Tournament Group photo of San Bernardino, Victorville and Riverside.
Group photo of San Bernardino, Victorville and Riverside.

YPG Volleyball Tournament – California

North West California YPG Volleyball Tournament

Teenagers together in prayer.

Teenagers together in prayer.

On April 22 the YPG Volleyball Tournament was held. There was excitement to see who was going to win. Youth began to arrive at the park, ready to play and cheer. When everyone was ready, the event started with a prayer.



Blonde girl about to serve volleyball

Girl about to serve.

It was time to see who was going to go against who. The first game started and it was San Bernardino against Riverside. As the games continued, there were two churches up at a time, and it would alternate from the boys to the girls turn.



Teens holding trophies celebrating

The Winners celebrating.

The youth that were not playing, had the opportunity to enjoy watching the games under some shade, and were able to cheer on their teams as well. When the games came to an end it was time to see who had won. In the end, the first place winner was Victorville, second place was San Bernardino, and third place was Riverside/Moreno Valley. The event then ended with taking a group picture. Discussions and ideas of what the next tournament would be, lingering around the youth, leaving everyone excited for the new tournaments to come. Check out our Facebook page here!

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