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Life Story of Mayberto Estrada

My name is Mayberto Estrada and I used to be a very depressed person who would hide it behind a fake smile like many youths do. My parents left me living with my grandmother in Mexico as they came to the United States in search of a better future, living with her to me became a living hell. At the age of 6 my uncle was already taking me out to the fields to do some hard labor, I was punished harshly if I did not do things correctly, there was one time where I was beaten up so bad that he ripped my skin open just because I did not buy him what he wanted. I was abused physically, sexually and emotionally my entire childhood. My parents were able to get us of there and I moved to the United States where I believed everything would change but that was not the case. As I got older, I came to realize that my dad was not the person I thought he was and this hate started to build inside of me to the point where I could not even call him “dad” I would call him by his name. All I had in my heart was hate, anger, sadness that I just wanted to die.

Mayberto Estrada today as a happy YPG Member

In school I got an invitation from one of my friends to go to the YPG, it took some convincing but I finally decided to go and now I do not regret it. In the YPG, I learned how to clean my heart; I now left all that anger behind and used my past to build me up. I love my dad and my family is happier than it ever has been, not only that but YPG also helped me developed the talents that I did not even know I had. I will never regret accepting that invitation to the YPG.

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