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Life Story of Elena Gonzalez

At the age of 12 I began to get bullied at school. No one knew I was getting bullied because I was a quiet person and I would keep everything to myself. When I started high school I decided that I wasn’t going to let myself get bullied anymore. I changed completely. I began to hangout with the “popular kids”. I started getting bad grades and ditching classes. I didn’t care about the consequences. I hung out with people who just wanted to party and I felt free. At home it was worse. I would fight with my mom because she didn’t let me party or hangout with friends. All this would even cause my mom to faint. The relationship with my step dad wasn’t great either. I never saw him as a father, he would say bad words and make fun of us. I was depressed with so much anger against my parents. It got to a point that I didn’t want to live with my family anymore. I knew about the youth group but I never wanted to go. I didn’t care about my salvation either. One day during a Sunday service, everything that the Pastor preached was meant for me. After the service people came up to me inviting me to the YPG, it was an amazing feeling. Finally someone wasn’t inviting me to go to a party, they wanted to help me. My life changed completely. I don’t have the desire to party or be with bad friends. I don’t need to be under the influence of something. My mind set is totally different now. I’m a whole different person and I want to help other youth. The Holy Spirit changed me. I now have peace and happiness in my life. I fight everyday for what I want and I will never give up. The war never ends!

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