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Life Story of Estella Natalia Arroyo

Today, Estella Natalia Arroyo, is a different person than before. I was very insecure of myself. I felt alone when my parents were getting separated. I couldn’t talk to anyone. I had so many complexes, I didn’t believe in myself, you can say I didn’t care about who I was. I gave up on school so many times, I got into drugs, I even wanted to join a gang once. This was because of all the problems I had – depression, addiction to marijuana, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, problems in school and in my family, etc. I tried so many things to not feel lonely, yet nothing worked.

In YPG I learned that that my life could be different. They helped me and believed in me. I started to believe in myself and was able to let go of those addictions. I am no longer sad nor lonely, now I care about my life and future. Here I discovered talents I never thought I had.
I don’t have any desire to cut myself anymore, no addictions, I am completely set free. I want to live and make the difference. I found friends I can trust and help each other achieve our goals.

Estella Natalia Arroyo, 23
Chicago, Illinois

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