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Life Story of Mariana Bravo

When I was 9 years old my parents separated I never knew exactly why. As I grew older I held so much resentment over the separation and blamed my mom for everything. I couldn’t stand my mom I truly hated her. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and got influenced into using drugs.

I started smoking marijuana at age 15. I had quit smoking for about three years. My senior year of High School I met new friends who brought me popularity and everything a “good” senior year could be imagined.

Everyone thought I was happy but I truly wasn’t. I attempted suicide, by overdosing on pills. My life was a complete disaster; everything was falling apart from left to right… I was losing EVERYTHING!        

         I was at the bottom of the gutters when YPG reached out and gave me a helping hand.

When I started attending YPG, I saw a difference in myself. I stopped smoking; I forgave myself, my mom, and my whole life changed. The good life I was looking for in the past years through what I was doing YPG gave me that good life in 6 months. And now I want to do more for others.

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