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Nayeli Lozano

Nayeli Lozano’s Life Story

Nayeli Lozano Then…

My name is Nayeli Lozano, and I’m 19 years old, from YPG Tucson, Arizona. When I was around the age of 13 years old, I began comparing myself with the rest of the other girls. I didn’t like myself for being too shy, too skinny and less pretty than the girls from school; Because of my shyness I didn’t make many friends. I wasn’t taking care of my health and I was always tormented with thoughts of death although I never thought about suicide itself. This ended up leading me into feeling inferior about myself.

Put into Practice…

As I began to participate in YPG, I began to hold on to what they taught and offered me. As I put it into practice, this allowed me to change my thoughts about myself. I met youth that were true friends. YPG taught me that in order for me to truly be happy, I couldn’t allow the negative thoughts to take over and define my life.

Nayeli Lozano Now…

Today I am able to say, without doubt, that I am happy because I understood the value I have. I am no longer tormented by those thoughts. I have the true peace inside of me that stays no matter what challenges I may face.

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