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Shoes of Faith

Shoes of Faith

Our shoes are more than just another piece of our attire. In reality, we know they were created to protect our feet. For some of us, shoes are our biggest collections (you know what I’m talking about). You have them in a variety of different colors, prices and styles. Depending on the occasion, you might wear dress shoes, sneakers, running shoes (sometimes you wear your running shoes just to show off how good you look in them!), and etc. But today I want to talk about the shoes of FAITH that we have in our closet. These shoes are designed by a great Master, who has made them just for YOU. He has designed them for the comfort of all your needs.

When you put them on, they will protect you and help you reach your destinations! As human beings we go through so many difficult situations and many times we go through them barefoot (WITHOUT FAITH). So, I encourage you to put on your shoes of FAITH! I encourage you to believe in God, this will be the best decision you could ever make! No matter what situation you are in, God has a perfect plan for your life. I know there are times when it is hard to believe in God. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a long time for what God has promised you and you still haven’t seen it being realized in your life. But it is at that moment that you need your shoes of FAITH! You need to put them on and start walking towards your destination, it will not be easy and many times the shoes will not be comfortable. Just like your new shoes sometimes aren’t the most comfortable, but they look so good that it doesn’t matter if your feet hurt. Your shoes of FAITH are important in your life. They will take you to places that God has prepared just for you. Put them on and you’ll be more comfortable, you’ll be protected. But above all, you will be ready to embark on the path to your destination that you want to reach!

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