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Life story of Christian Santos

I always knew there was something else. I spent most of my life looking for what or who it was.

After my step-father, (who had raised me..I grew up calling him “dad”) passed away due to cancer, I felt so alone. He was the one taught me everything, how to walk, cook, ride a bike, be a man, how to grow, etc.

He was the only one who knew me and when he left I felt alone. But I always felt there was someone taking care of me. The feeling was hard to explain. So I wanted to meet the thing or the one that was doing so. So I went to the catholic church, which was where I was growing up. The problem was that something there was missing. After repeated prayers, and bowing to statues over and over again, my life wouldn’t change. I still felt alone. No matter how much I tried to talk with God, through that church, I never had an encounter.

I never had Him speak back, I never saw a miracle, I never had true faith. Later the church closed, so I stopped going. That’s when I met a friend who invited me to the Universal Church. It was so different. Conversations with God were common. Miracles were not seen as impossible. The thing that was missing in the past was here.

That’s when something told me to stay and give it my all. And I did. After I got to know Jesus, I had faith. I continued on.

Even in church I had battles, battles that I had to over come. And with great leaders and people here I did overcome. The moment I knew I needed Jesus the most was when I felt myself slipping. I knew I would leave if I didn’t receive the Holy Spirit soon.

The doubt, the emotions were all catching up to me. Each day was harder to run from them, to run from the accuser. At that point it was now or never, all or nothing, stay or leave and I knew what I wanted the most was to stay. Then on August 23, 2016, during “Real Talk”, I received the Holy Spirit.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. I love to explain it because I want other people to know that this is the most incredible thing that a person can ever receive. It makes me smile every time I tell someone about this experience. I knew I had received the Holy Spirit because of the peace, the peace that entered inside of me, it was incredible!

Honestly before receiving the Holy Spirit I had so many doubts about everything, the church, God, my salvation and now all those doubts are gone!!! Completely gone!!! What I want the most is for everyone else to receive that peace!

The God who wants to save us and all we have to do is allow Him to do so. Moments after I received the Holy Spirit, the devil gave me a welcoming to the desert. His way of showing how mad he was. He tried to attack me where it used to hurt. But this time, this time I laugh. I laughed because I had peace and because I knew that God was not just with me but in me!! Me and God are one, one spirit and one body!! No matter how much the devil would kick, punch, claw, push, scratch, he would fail!! Because God is with me and there is no way I’m quiting!! All the scars, wounds, bruises from my past have been healed!! I have God with me and now I will try harder than ever to win souls for God but not just souls, but to win disciples. This is just the beginning…

-Christian Santos

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