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YPG - Abraham Chox Life Story

Life story of Abraham Chox

My life was completely destroyed! I had depression and tried to take my life by throwing myself in front of cars, but something stopped me..

In my house there was misery, sometimes we did not have enough to eat. Apart from this, I was very aggressive and was always fighting with my family. Although I was aggressive, my self-esteem was very low, and this made me very shy. I did not know how to express myself with people and was very far away. I thought my life no longer had any solution.

When I accepted the invitation to the church and then coming to the YPG, my life began to change. I no longer had depression. I started to want to live and fight for my life. In the YPG, I learned more from God and from the power of Faith. That led me to take this step to give my life completely to Jesus. This decision changed my life. Now I have peace and joy. My communication with my family is different, and now I have the strength I did not have before.

-Abraham Chox

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