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Life Story of Lolany Jaramillo

The Lolany Jaramillo that is today is not the same as before. Thanks to my addiction to pornography I began to exclude myself from all my loved ones.
Just to feed my addiction I began to miss out on birthday parties and family dinners. I would make any excuse just to be alone. I was always scared that someone was going to find out, I was constantly hiding and lying.
Even though, I felt disgusting and dirty right after I fed into my addiction, I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Then came depression, I started hating myself, I began to feel that no one around me loved me, I was alone in a hole I dragged myself into.
I will never forget the day I had fallen so low, the day I thought my depression and addiction was normal. After my father found out about my addiction, he picked me up from school and spoke with me. I listened quietly. Although I literally laughed in his face, I knew I had completely lost myself, I became reckless.
One day my sister asked if I wanted to attend the youth event. It was there where I was able to talk to a youth coordinator and realized I was not alone.

Lolany Jaramillo taking pictures at a YPG Event

In my hardest moments, the YPG helped me remember how to use my strength and worked together towards my goal. The people I met were very understanding. Thanks to the YPG I am no longer depressed. I am free of all my troubles. The YPG guided me and now I’m happy. I’m so grateful for the Youth Power Group always being there to help anyone no matter what they are going through.

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