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Victoria Lopez's Life Story

Victoria’s Life Story

Victoria Lopez's Life Story

Everything Victoria tried just made it worse,

My name is Victoria Lopez, I used to suffer with major depression. I started taking pills when I was 12, and at age 13 I began drinking alcohol in and out of school; I started cutting myself and began having bad anorexia/bulimia habits that only increased because I was so depressed. By 16 years old I was smoking weed, cigarettes, taking Acid and Xanax, yet nothing made me happy… I EVEN tried committing suicide. I was always out with different boys, I tried everything I could think of to fill my emptiness but nothing made me happy.

When she gave it away.

One day I was invited to the YPG and this was different. I felt like I found a new family. I felt like my life was going to move forward because there were other youth that were willing to help me and had so many things in common with me and I knew I could confide in them. Today I can definitely say I found happiness. I didn’t find a “moment of happiness”. I no longer have suicidal thoughts. I have a wonderful family and I no longer suffer from addictions.
-Victoria, 18 – Texas 

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