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You’re Not Alone Event – San Diego County

You Are Not Alone Event, San Diego County, CA

Youth from cities across San Diego county came together to participate of the You Are Not Alone event this weekend. Youth wore their event shirt under the same mission. A sea of red flowed throughout the entire room. An afternoon of exciting activities was about to occur. However, most importantly, youth would come to understand that they are not alone.

Ready, Set, Go!

We closed our eyes and we began the event with a prayer. The event had officially begun and many youth were ready to discover a much needed opportunity. Time to kick things off with a friendly competition: the most motivated block. Various songs were played and everyone danced in unison. Nothing to worry about, we were all in it together. Not only did have fun, but we sure did work up a sweat. We then moved on to compete in the next game. We each grabbed a partner and threw the ping pong ball back and forth amongst each other until we reached the front of the room. The competition was getting intense.

Block Presentations

We then moved on to the presentations. First presentation was the music video presentation. Green block went first. Their video showed what it means to be in the plans of God. Then turquoise block went next. Their video portrayed the story of someone who allowed modern technology to become their priority. It was a very close call but turquoise block took the win. Then it was time for the dance performances. Green block went first and they danced to a tropical soundtrack that was nicely performed. Then turquoise block went next and they performed to an upbeat and fast paced soundtrack that had the audience’s complete attention. The judges deliberated, the points were summed, and turquoise block was announced as the winner.

Time for The Word!

We then took a seat to listen to a very important message to be delivered. Our YPG coordinator spoke of a man named Gideon. A story not familiar to many but that can be greatly learned from. This man was chosen by God because he had something inside him that nobody else had. He had an inner strength that even he was unaware of.  When God chose him and spoke to him, he did not believe in himself. He told God that he came from the poorest family and that he was the youngest in his family. God however reassured him that he was not alone and that He would be with him and he would be victorious.

Could this be YOU!

This story occurs time and time again in the lives of many youth. You have an inner strength that nobody else has. Maybe you do not even see this strength inside you but it is there. It is what has made you come all this way. God sees something inside you that maybe you can’t even see. He has chose you and he reassures you that you will overcome.  Do not look at your condition but listen to His voice telling you that He chose you and that you are not alone. That is exactly what He would tell you if He was in front of you.

God had spoken, now it was time for us to speak with Him. We made our individual sincere prayer and sang a song to express ourselves. When we finished the prayer even the environment had changed. There was peace and happiness that was unexplainable. However it was time to wrap things up. Time to see who was the winning block. Ready? The win went to green block! No reason to be upset though. Everyone went home with a win. Check out our Facebook here!

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