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Love Anxiety


Have you ever been caught in a group of friends where all they talk about is love? Have you ever experienced a moment where it seems like everyone is concerned about if you’re dating someone? Well, I think we all have experienced a moment like that or at least something similar to that. But that’s not all. With all those ...

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The Shine Within You

As I grew older, I became more curious which led me more to dangerous situations. I can endlessly tell you a whole list of times I almost died. Every single time I survived every incident, I would think “Why am I still here, alive, in one piece?” With this question always on my mind, I would think about it mostly ...

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He Loved Me and He Saw Me

Inside of home, where it was hell. Where hate surrounded, very well. I lost myself in desperate need to feel loved and be seen. I ran to friends I ran to love. From bed to bed I was always found. Began to feel the same things oh how could this be? I lost myself in desperate need to be loved ...

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