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You’re Not Alone Event

You're Not Alone Event: Group of youth posing before going to perform

California YPG CONNECTION: YOU’RE NOT ALONE The YOU’RE NOT ALONE Event was an amazing experience. As the days came closer and closer to the event, a lot of the dancers got butterflies in their stomachs, their nerves were getting to them, but the sweat that was left in that dance floor was worth every drop. Red Block takes the stage ...

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Are You Free?

You Can Be Free Event, California, Are you Free?

“Who here thinks they’re free?” That was the question asked in the event “You Can be Free” on May 20th. As Coordinator Paul asked this question, a few youths raised their hands. While we all thought coordinator Paul was going give a motivational speech when he said, “Who here thinks they’re free,” out of nowhere someone in the audience, someone ...

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San Diego, the city that hosted the April YPG event in southern California. It was Saturday April 1st and the YPG headed south to take part of this terrific event that would prompt many transformations in the individuals who assisted. As the time approached for the event to begin, we became increasingly excited. 6PM arrived and it was time to begin. Did I ...

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North West California – Held Hostage

Teenagers together with YPG banner on Held Hostage Event.

YPG Youth Connection “The Hostage” How many times have you heard about people who have been held hostage in robberies or kidnappings? What the hostages want above all in that moment while under the enemy’s power is to live and later become free. Held Hostage Many youth are being hostages too; that is by addictions, depression, self harm, sicknesses, unemployment, ...

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YPG Connection: Two Masters

Decisions make up who you are… Sunday morning arrives, you debate internally if you should get up or stay in bed. You opt to get up. Every action taken from  the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall asleep is a decision you make consciously or subconsciously. Deciding to participate of the YPG Connection is also a decision, ...

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