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YPG Hangout | In His altar, I am Strong

“Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

James   4:7


There are 2 things we need to do in order to be in God’s altar


1st Obey God

2nd Stand against the devil


We are not forced to obey God; however, if we want Him to be in our life, we have to follow His word and resist our flesh. We have to trust in God without any doubts, in order to be able to overcome the temptations of the world. With God in our life, we become strong.


The devil will do anything and everything to take away our faith and life from the altar, we have to be smart and go against the devil.


No one can force you or make your decision, so either have your life in God’s hands or be lost in the world.


It’s your decision! Will you be in His altar?

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